Genesis of Kosmoautikon

Ostensibly Kosmoautikon is the story of ruthless men that enter ships to seed the galaxy with a new form of human. In truth, it is rather a journey in to the mind of Homo sapiens to discover his highest and most essential quality. Kosmoautikon is a guide on how to operate the mind of Homo sapiens – where did it come from? – what are its exact powers? – where are we located in the chain of being?

The Genesis of Kosmoautikon is the mature decision that modernism has no solution. Modernism is essentially an intellectual ghetto filled with maddening, soul killing technology. A new world has to be made. It’s a radical step to make, and this makes the language of Kosmoautikon radical. Therefor it is not for everyone – only free agents with highly imaginative minds.

What is Kosmoautikon? 1) A man tells a never before told story of the origin of Homo sapiens. 2) A rogue male introduces new tests of human-ness and a new memorable world. In every human crisis a rogue male arises to change the conversation – to rip the Gordian knot. 3) In Kosmoautikon Aaron, Talon, Zodiac, and Cheda forge a new world at RINGWORLD surrounding Callisto Moon. 4) 300 girls from Eastern Europe and the Taiga forest are transported to RINGWORLD to generate a new race of Homo sapiens. 5) The moon of Europa is terraformed by impacts of the smaller moons Metis and Thebes. 6) Kosmoautikon poses new questions of social order – a new idiom that makes an end run around modernism – straight through the machine, past the cutthroats straight form their cribs.

What is the Issue of Kosmoautikon? Something is wrong with modernism – and it can’t be “fixed.” Every new modern technology is a free ticket to more unsolvable problems. Each synthetic pharmaceutical requires another to mask the toxic symptoms of the previous drug. Modern “freedoms” – the freedom to demand and consume pharmaceuticals – are fake freedoms. The West, once thinking scientific liberalism the only beneficial form of secular humanism now finds itself 24/7 in the grip of totalitarian surveillance by scientific technology and the tentacles of liberal government. Modernism is, in effect, total control and surveillance of society. The protagonists of Kosmoautikon escape modernism by escaping earth.

What is the answer to modernism? There is no solution to the questions that modernism raises. How much matter or technology is enough? There is no answer. Is matter, or the atom, real? There is no answer. Should poor nations be allowed to enter the borders of the West, overtaking our institutions and heritage with hostility and derision? There is no workable answer. Are pharmaceuticals a benefit or a toxic substance? There is no answer because an all-powerful, scientific, secular liberal ideology prevents an open discussion – branding the opposition with racial and sexist antonyms in order to silence all opposition.

The modern citizen will pass through three sages on his journey to Kosmoautikon.

Stage one: Pain, despair. The modern citizen finds himself divorced, in debt, poor, and working in soulless cubicles. He sees no “end game” to modern life – except a future consuming and amassing more technological goods from the market place – all consumable, throwaways. Having no philosophical or theological support for his spiritual instincts – except to be ridiculed and marginalized – he is essentially living a life of secular nihilism. The modern man lives a life of quiet desperation, awaiting (as advertised) his certain handicap-ness – his end by modern cancers and being burned by waves of pharmaceuticals.

Stage two. Helpless awareness. Resistance is futile. The citizen recognizes that modernism is a totalitarian technological ideology – similar to Communism or Fascism – since each used modern technology to control/eliminate political dissent. He recognizes that modernism perverts every society it touches, making classes of seeds that are not seeds, classes of food that is not food, and categories of medicines that are not medicines. Each modern city looks the same and has the same fingerprint: boxed buildings and soulless ghettos. Advertising propaganda reinforces the linguistic confusion of the modern – since, even though the dangers of fake foods and pharmaceuticals are exposed daily, the population still buys and eats them in mass quantities. Western drugs maim, kill and deform the human population. Yet since modernism is nevertheless advertised as glamorous, attractive, and beneficial – this is a form of linguistic madness. The modern is a bearded lady. Though acting out in desperation, only alienating himself from other moderns, he still does not know how to escape modernism.

Stage Three; Radicalization. Realizing that modernism is unsolvable, he goes around the machine of modernism. Recognizing that modernism will self-implode, he withdraws into an inner sanctum called Kosmoautikon. Here the citizen learns the new idiom of Homo sapiens. Kosmoautikon sees that all “reality” proceeds from within his ideation as water from a fire hose. Everything within consciousness is promiscuous to modification. The human is a free agent again and takes dominion of his fate with his newly trained mind. Kosmoautikon shows how to gain and use this new mind.